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Leadership is not for a select few, but is a series of skills and competencies that can be taught, practiced, and used daily at all ages.

At GLI, we believe that girls’ leadership makes our communities stronger, and because of this foundational tenet, we strive to make an impact and advance girls’ leadership not just at Kent Place but in our greater community. We offer workshops for students, faculty, and organizations who would like to develop their leadership skills using the GLI pillars. 

Workshops can be focused on a specific pillar or tailored to a specific need in your community, such as a parent-child collaboration day. We are also available to faculty or departments for training on how to incorporate these pillars more effectively into classroom lessons.
For more information or to bring a GLI workshop to your school or organization, please email
Recently, GLI partnered with the Junior League of Summit for an Intergenerational Leadership Summit, which fostered resilience and connection while uplifting, empowering and inspiring girls and women from all walks of life to lead more effectively and compassionately in their communities.