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A group of Middle School GLI students outside.

Leadership is integral to all that we do at Kent Place.

It's woven into the very fabric of our school and curriculum from Jr. Pre-K through the culminating leadership experience of senior year, and there are specific classes we teach on leadership to help establish common language and empower the students with more tools and theories to utilize.

At Kent Place there is not one way to be a leader, and our differences are what make us unique and special, often where our leadership superpowers lie. Our students have a shared vocabulary as they learn about and practice leadership, especially in their middle school and upper school years, when they expand from leading self to leading peers and their community. As students understand these strengths, they can better capitalize on them, whether in informal moments such as stepping forward to help a friend through a difficult moment or sharing talents and creative ideas openly in group projects or in a more formal role such as a club leader or government officer.

Models of Leadership are examined and studied in history, English and many core classes. Additionally, Kent Place offers classes in the curriculum that teach theories of leadership and women’s leadership more in depth.