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GLI Alumnae


Join our network of over 500 women leaders who have graduated from our institutes. Graduates of GLI go on to become student government leaders, yearbook editors, team captains, and club presidents. They take their Action Plans and make positive changes in their communities.


We're so proud of our alumnae! As a powerful testament to the bonds that are made during our summer programs, many alumnae come back to GLI each year as mentors. 

“Being a mentor allowed me to learn more about the hopes and needs of upcoming women leaders. It is such a special experience to listen to what is important to them and how passionately they want to improve the world, exchange words of advice, and I loved being able to metaphorically extend a hand to guide forward another young leader on her journey.”

"As a mentor, though my interaction with my mentee was virtual, I found it interesting to hear from a student who was exactly where I was not too long ago. Though we're different people with different fears, different hopes, and different lives, our differences are surprisingly outweighed by our similarities. Mentoring is an amazing opportunity for me to reflect on where I was, to recognize just how impactful GLI has been on my journey from the place I was to where I am now, and, most importantly, to give others the very advice I needed back then. Even if nothing else sticks with my mentee, my hope is always that my mentee is reassured through our conversations. I hope that they realize that though high school is a challenge, they will be okay — my experience is a testament to that fact! I made it, so they can too!”

For more information on becoming an alumnae GLI Mentor, or to share updates on how you've accomplished your action plan, please email, or fill out the form on this page.

The Institute pushed me beyond the limits of what I had known about pretty much everything. GLI Alumna


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