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A Teacher is speaking to the Primary School GLI students.

The Girls' Leadership Institute team is staffed with Kent Place seasoned administrators, teachers, and facilitators who are experts in how girls learn best. 


The Girls' Leadership Institute partners with other Kent Place  programs and their faculty-in-residence to share expertise in:

  • Ethical Decision Making

  • Financial and Economic Literacy

  • Design Thinking

  • Health and Wellness

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Global and Cultural Competency


The GLI Staff is made up of a dynamic team of individual specialists who work together to guide and support our students throughout their leadership journey.

A portrait of Holly Doyle, Director of Girls' Leadership Institute


Holly Doyle has worked in education since 2000 and has been teaching Latin and history at Kent Place, working specifically with middle school girls, since 2007.

She has a B.A. in Latin and English from Tulane University and an M.A.T. in teaching Latin from Vanderbilt University.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Holly has been working with the Girls’ Leadership Institute at Kent Place since 2009 and has been director since 2011.

Contact Ms. Doyle:
(908) 273-0900, ext. 303


GLI Faculty in Residence

GLI Program Facilitators