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Three GLI Middle School girls speaking.

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The mission of the Girls’ Leadership Institute at Kent Place is to empower girls at the Primary, Middle, and Upper School levels to discover their full leadership potential. We accomplish this by providing programs and resources to our girls and to those in the greater community.


The Girls’ Leadership Institute (GLI) was created in the mid-'90s as a one-week summer program to help girls entering the seventh and eighth grades develop strong leadership skills. The first summer of GLI, there were only 12 participants, six of whom were Kent Place students.

Over the past 28 years, GLI has grown tremendously into four summer programs for students in grades four through ten, now empowering girls at all levels to discover their leadership potential.


From the time girls are entering fourth grade all the way up through tenth grade, they can attend our GLI summer institutes as their leadership opportunities grow and become incrementally more challenging each year they progress in the program.

In addition to our institutes, GLI is adding curriculum, workshops, and professional development opportunities to share with the Kent Place community and beyond.



The Girls' Leadership Institute encompasses the programs and the people involved with GLI, specifically directors, facilitators, counselors, program participants, parents, and our extensive network of alumnae, who come back and participate as mentors to program participants.

As we incorporate more of our programming into the academic year, GLI also expands to include teachers and students participating in our programming. The more varied our voices are, the stronger we are as a GLI team.



Our goal is to cultivate leadership through practices, research, partnerships, and collaborations in service to facilitate the holistic development of girls to lead bravely in any context.

Primary School Institute team building activity outdoors

Leadership training helps build confidence –  confidence that is especially challenged between grades 4–9 for girls

High School students listening to a presentation

Conduct a comprehensive self-assessment of your leadership to create an action plan for growth

girls raising their hands in the classroom

We aim to empower our next generation of leadership by capitalizing on the strengths that girls and women bring to the table.

two girls sharing a desk

We believe that there is not just one way to be a leader. Your strengths and passions can enhance your teamwork, resilience, and effectiveness.